IELTS Speaking – An Introduction to Speaking Test in IELTS

The speaking test is the shortest test in the entire IELTS exam, conducted only for 11-14 minutes. However, test taker experiences a long-lasting memorable experience in this test. IELTS speaking is quick but an intense personal interview.

It demands to focus innovative thinking and fluent English skills to think Responses quickly of the questions asked by the examiner.

The most important tool to get a higher score in the IELTS Speaking is to remain a natural user. You must not use any slangs in your expressions and speak promptly, fluently and confidently. The preparation of speaking test involves the practice of the test with someone to guide you on your content, grammar and other assessment criteria’s. Having an understanding of the different question types will make your task easier to plan different vocabulary.

Practice from your introduction part and the follow-up questions with many why’s and why not. The second part of the test is the cue card. Cue card must be certainly practiced as it carries 50% of the weight age of the entire speaking test. Part 3 includes follow-up questions based on part 2 cue card and must be answered appropriately and promptly. Keeping in mind these entire tips one can expect to score the higher bands in speaking test which would definitely increase your overall score.

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