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The Occupational English Test is for medical practitioners who wish to practice their profession or seek for a permanent residency in an English-speaking country like Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and UK. The test has been specifically designed separately for 12 sorts of healthcare professions: Dentistry, Dietetics, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Radiography, Speech Pathology and Veterinary Sciences.

The test enables a medical practitioner to hold the International English testing examination in a manner that the questions are according to his professional ability in the medical field which shall enable the test-taker to acquire a better score unlike the IELTS examination.

OET Test Structure

Listening (approx. 50 minutes)

The listening test offers the same content for all healthcare professions.
Part A: The test-taker is made to hear a recorded, imitated professional/patient consultation with note-taking questions.
Part B: The test taker listens to a recorded talk or lecture on health-related topic along with a range of short and multiple choice answers.

Reading (1 hour)

The Reading test offers the same content for all healthcare professions.

  • Part A: health-related texts to be comprehended and the task is to complete a summary paragraph by filling in missing words.
  • Part B: Lengthy health-related texts whereby the candidate needs to answer multiple-choice questions
  • Writing (45 minutes)

    This is an integrated task specific to profession, based on real life medical situations. The candidate needs to write a letter which may be a referral letter, a letter of discharge of a patient, a letter for transfer of a patient or a letter to advise or inform a patient, care taker or group.

    Speaking (approx. 20 minutes)

    This is an integrated task specific to profession, based on real life medical and workplace situations. In a private room with the invigilator, you shall be a part of two role-plays. The candidate takes the professional role (as a healthcare medical professional) while the interlocutor plays the role of a patient or client, a relative or care- taker of the patient.

    Benefits of OET Coaching with Next World Education

    Next World Education is one of the best IELTS Coaching Institute in Delhi and the ielts training provide here will help the student in the following ways to achieve the desired scores.

  • Assessment of student’s ability to achieve the desired score.
  • The suggestion about the required time period to achieve the required scores.
  • Learning advanced grammatical range to help the student in writing and speaking
  • Tips and tricks to crack through Listening and Reading modules
  • Help to crack through each question type
  • Imbibing techniques of effective reading in a stipulated time span
  • Building pronunciation, fluency, and content of speaking
  • Improving analytical writing skills and learning the varied style of writing required for different sorts of writing assessment tasks.
  • Learning common topics for speaking and writing
  • Learning to develop ideas.
  • Learning expression of thought eloquently
  • OET Coaching for Nurses

    OET Classes for Medicine professionals

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