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Pearson Test of English well-known as PTE Exam is the preferable English language proficiency test which accesses the real life English skills of the candidate. PTE exam is run in 150 locations so that anyone at anytime and anyplace can appear in this exam. It is the leading computerized exam which is relatively easier than IELTS and accepted in most of the countries. PTE results are available within five working days. It is approved by the government of Australia and accepted by thousands of institutions of Canada, Australia, UK, and Ireland. It is a fair test which is unlimited which means you can send your scores to as many institutions as you want without extra fees or charges. It is a computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration. PTE exam is a combination of four modules of English such as listening, reading, writing and speaking. The total duration of the PTE test is 3 hours. Candidates, who wish to study in an English-speaking country, need to take English language proficiency tests to demonstrate their English skills.

PTE Exam Pattern

Pearson Test of English is an examination which assesses the test-takers ability to read, write, listen and speak English language. All the mentioned parameters enable a person to sustain in an English speaking country. This test is an academic examination which is applicable for Australia and New Zealand. The exam is entirely computer based where the examination is held and assessed through a computer. The PTE Academic test comprises of four different modules for each test taker.

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

    The total score is 90. Each module is assessed from 0- 90 score and an aggregate score for the test. The test also assesses a person’s skill sets, primarily, communicative and enabling skills on a scale of 0 to 90.

    PTE Listening (45-57 minutes)

    Section Description
    Summarize Spoken text The test-taker needs to listen to a lecture and write down the summary in 50-70 words after listening to the audio clip. There may be 3 of such question types
    Multiple choice, choose multiple answers Multiple options are given on your screen and you need to choose more than one option based on the audio clip you hear. You need to select all the options that you think are true for the recording. There shall be 2 of such questions.
    Fill in the blanks The audio clip played should be matched with the transcription written on the screen. You will need to fill in the blanks that the transcription has. You should fill the blanks as you hear the audio.
    Highlight correct summary After listening to the audio, you need to select the paragraph that perfectly summarizes the matter being referred to in the recording.
    Multiple choice, choose single answer After listening to a recording, answer the multiple-choice questions on the content of the recording by selecting one response.
    Select missing word The recording will be played with a beep in the end. From the given options, you need to select the missing part. Two of such question types.
    Highlight incorrect words You need to select the word from the written transcript that is different from the speech in the audio clip. Left-clicking is used to highlight the word. Two question types
    Write from Dictation A sentence is being heard. One needs to write the sentence in the box given below. There shall be 3 of such question types.

    PTE Reading (32-41 minutes)

    Item Type Description
    Multiple-choice questions, chose single answers A reading excerpt along with three to four choices is given for a single question. There are two of these questions
    Multiple choice, choose multiple answers More than one response is correct from many given. Choose the correct ones after reading the passage. There are two of these question types.
    Re-order paragraphs On the left hand side, five to six paragraphs will be placed in a random order. Drag and drop them to the right side in the correct order. There are two of such questions.
    Fill in the blanks The passage appearing on the screen will have several gaps. Below the passage you have different words. Drag and drop the words that you think are correct and fill the blanks. There are 4 of such sort of fill in the blanks
    Fill in the blanks From a drop down box, choose the correct word that you think should be the correct answer for the sentence with the gap. There are 5 of such sort of fill in the blanks in the test.

    PTE Speaking & Writing (77 – 93 minutes)

    Section Description
    Read Aloud The candidate needs to read out an excerpt written on the screen. You get 35-40 seconds to prepare and 40 seconds to record your response. There are 6 of such questions in the test.
    Repeat a Sentence A sentence is being said. The candidate needs to repeat the sentence as it went. There are 10 of such questions in the test.
    Describe an Image An image or diagram shall be depicted on the screen. The candidate gets 25 seconds to look into the diagram and 40 seconds to give the response. There are 6 of these question types.
    Re-tell a lecture A lecture is being played. At the completion of the lecture, the student needs to present the main ideas in his own words. There are 3 of these question types in the examination.
    Short- answer questions These question types assesses the general intelligence of a person. There are 10 of such question types in the test.
    Summarize the written text The candidate needs to summarize a written excerpt in one sentence for which the student gets 10 minutes. There can be 2 to 3 such questions in the test.
    Essay A question is given on an analytical thought process. The candidate needs to write 200-300 words for this response and the allotted time is 20 minutes.

    PTE Coaching with Next World Education

    A full practice of each module and question type with the faculty to comprehend weaknesses and strengths.

    Assessment of student’s ability to achieve the desired score.

    Suggestion about the required time period to achieve the required scores.

    Learning advanced grammatical range to help the student in writing and speaking

    Tips and tricks to crack through Listening and Reading modules

    Help to crack through each question type

    Imbibing techniques of effective reading in a stipulated time span

    Building pronunciation, fluency and content of speaking

    Improving analytical writing skills and learning varied style of writing required for different sorts of writing assessment tasks.

    Learning common topics for speaking and writing

    Learning to develop ideas.

    Learning expression of thought eloquently

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