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The UK has evolved as one of the most preferred study destinations around the world. The UK records its excellence since the time immemorial with its unmatched institutions sprawling across the country. The United Kingdom has such extensive educational abilities to offer international students that other educational hubs don’t.

Benefits of Study in UK

Growing Destination

The UK has been welcoming international students for many years and their numbers have been growing significantly over the years. The education has such evolved in the UK that it is now the second-most preferred destination for International students after the USA. Also, the country has the finest English-speaking institutions for international students.

Worldwide Recognition

The eminence of the qualifications and degrees from the UK has been well recognized in the world. The institutions of excellence like the Oxford and Trinity have set benchmarks in the arena of education and are among the finest institutions in the globe one could be a part of.

Lower Educational Costs

The average annual expenditure for an international student in the UK is generally lower compared to the USA and other esteemed countries. As the completion of the degree program would generally take lesser time to complete in the UK as compared to the other countries, this shall yield financial benefit.

Quality Education

The qualitative aspect of education in the UK is duly assessed and graded by the concerned organizations to ensure that set standards are met. Audits are being carried out by the Quality Assurance Agency to make sure the benchmarks set are not being hampered.

Research infrastructure

The country puts forth to the global forum the qualitative research of the higher order contributing to the world a varied range of global journals, various citations and the most highly-cited articles in the world contributing almost 15% to the world’s most sought-after articles.
According to the research conducted through Research Excellence Framework, UK has been assessed to have found that the research work has been classified as world-leading and internationally excellent.
The research being made in various fields in the country has been highly praised like the fields of clinical sciences, medical sciences, social sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences, business, and humanities have been milestones in UK research.

Work Opportunities

For an international student in the UK, the typical number of hours allowed to work is up to 20 hours a week during the tenure of the school term and extended up to full-time when a student is out of term. One must check with their respective international advisor at the school before commencing any work so that one can ascertain that the visa violation is not exercised.

Scholarships/ Loans

Having financed the international education could be a limitation sometimes. The most appropriate approach would be to indulge in a plethora of preparation, a perusal of one’s budget and an extensive ardor in researching and application for scholarships. There are varied sorts of scholarships and loans available to International students who intend to study in the UK.

Gateway to Europe

Europe has become hassle-free to access than ever with the advent of inexpensive tours to Europe and various airlines with which a person can travel without having to spend a fortune. One can reach most of Europe from the UK within a span of few hours by train or air.

Multicultural Nation

The UK is one of the most eminent multicultural societies, with all religious groups and faiths represented and respected. With racial, ethnic, traditional and religious variation, the UK has an open heart to new traditions and cultures which could be bliss for the students from other nationalities. A student could rest assured that he would find a place of worship for most major religious beliefs.

Required documents for the application

Copy of the student’s passport/visa
Academic transcript of the student
Candidate’s certificate of graduation
Student’s proof of having attained English proficiency
Personal statement of the student mentioning as to why his candidature should be accepted
Reference letters recommending the student for a higher program

Additional documents for deferent academic levels

Postgraduate level
Candidate’s certificate of graduation/bachelor’s degree
Ph.D./Research level
Candidate’s certificate of master’s degree
Candidate’s certificate of graduation/bachelor’s degree
Research proposal of the analysis the student intends to undertake


The full-time student visa is called the Tier 4 student visa being awarded to students who take up full-time education at one of the institutions in the UK. Following rules needs to be reviewed over for the same:
It is granted to a candidate who takes up a full-time study program
If a candidate applies for a diploma course, then the time-span of the visa to stand valid would be three years
If a student applies for a degree from a university then the validity of the visa would stand for a maximum of four years
A candidate may also be called to the consular office to appear for a personal physical interview

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