4 Speaking Mistakes that Ruin Your IELTS Score – IELTS Speaking Tips

There are four criteria on which the speaking test is marked.

1>Fluency and coherence

2>Lexical resources

3>Grammatical range and accuracy


One who is preparing for this test must avoid these mistakes to help oneself get a higher score.

1> Don’t use fillers

One must not use meaningless fillers while you take some time to think of any other idea or transiting from one of statement to the other one or from one idea to the other idea…Examples of verbal fillers are uh, um, like, well, I mean you know etc. you can use these words to connect and organize these ideas when it is necessary. For instance one can start the answer with well, I think ….’ However, overuse of verbal fillers must be curtailed…

2>Judging the appropriate tense.

When you get the cue card question that is part two question you get time to plan the question you must think first about the tense in which you are supposed to answer this part of the question.if you don’t use the appropriate tense you might be in trouble .tense inaccuracy will make you score lower as it is inaccurate grammar. Therefore always remind yourself of the tenses when you answer the questions.

3>Repeating the same word.

If you repeat the same word the examiner would perceive that you have limited vocabulary and would give you less score in lexical resources .you must use synonyms if you need to use different words to express the same meaning .you must expand your vocabulary before appearing for the test.

4>Wrong pronunciation

You don’t have to achieve native-like accent but you must pronounce the words clearly and accurately in order to score well in your IELTS test .if you pronounce inappropriately then it would be difficult for the examiners to understand and might give a lower score.


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