5 Common Grammar Mistakes Which Affect Your IELTS/ PTE/ TOEFL Score

5 common mistakes students often do while writing task 2 responses. These mistakes ought to be avoided to score the desired bands. Here the major areas where a candidate generally makes mistakes are mentioned.

1> Mentioning Personal Examples

When the essay is written we must support our idea with a suitable example, but quite often it is observed that students write their personal examples. One must not quote any personal example as such .you need the language and examples which sound quite formal and sound as it has been researched.

Stronger examples are many parents today or many youngsters these days like that which quotes a general perspective.

2>Being Too Verbose

The candidates generally are too verbose that means they write more than what is required .you must stick to the language which is required to be quoted else one would lose points incoherence. Avoid using phrases and the language which makes your expressions clear.

3> Using Linking Words and Linking Phrases.

One must use the linking words and phrases so that the transition of the language in between the sentences and different paragraph must be reflected easily to the examiner. Using words like, to begin with lastly, on the other hand, will make your writing task much expressive and meaningful.

4> Use Inappropriate Vocabulary

Students often find it difficult to use appropriate words while expressing their opinion in an essay. The candidate generally focuses on the usage of the difficult word which might be at times unfit in that particular expression.

So one must understand this factor that choice of difficult words only would not make them score higher bands. Yes, certain uncommon words must be used to reflect your language skills. Have a good vocabulary to score good bands in essay writing task 2. 

5> Incorrect use of Prepositions

Usually, the students get confused about prepositions.Incorrect use of prepositions would give a wrong meaning to the sentence and it could harm your overall score.

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