IELTS Writing Tips That Definitely Increase Your IELTS Score

Do you arrange your ideas properly into paragraphs?

Low-scoring responses prove that the writer had some notable problems arranging the ideas into passage logically, or that the writer had difficulty conveying those ideas properly.

High-scoring responses show that the ideas are properly arranged in paragraphs, each with a clear major idea and a logical link to the rest of the essay.

A high-scoring Task 1 essay will have three to four paragraphs:

Paragraph 1 must be a very basic explanation of the given charts—the visuals, graphs, or other images—mentioned in the question. If you are not aware of where, to begin with, then simply paraphrase information from the prompt on the visuals in one to two sentences. Just make sure to use varied vocabulary as much as possible.

Paragraph 2 should give an overview of the major information from the visuals. You don’t require details from the visuals in this paragraph, so just forget about particular numbers for now. Just give a general description of the two or three most interesting pieces of information shown on the visuals.

In Paragraphs 3 and 4, it’s time to include key details from the visuals. To do this, return to the visuals and find numbers that directly relate to the points you made in paragraph 2.

Are your ideas easy to follow?  they must flow logically from one to the next.

Low-scoring responses incoherence and cohesion have gaps in logic. In other words, ideas may not be interlinked in a way that makes sense (or a way that is clear). IELTS responses that are low-scoring in coherence also due to the overuse of connecting words. If you frequently use the same words and phrases repeatedly.

High-scoring responses in coherence and cohesion use various cohesive features with ease. These are features that help to convey ideas clearly and logically, and without any perceptible gaps.

Tips for Improvement

  • Add transition words/phrases to your repertoire.
  • By not using the same connecting words over and over, you’ll make your response more coherent; the more you practice with different connecting words, the greater you cohesion will become.
  • Coherent responses use “referents” to connect ideas.

What does this look like in practice? Here’s another example, incorporating two referents this time.

  • Low-scoring for coherence and cohesion: Adam’s roommate was in distress because he didn’t complete his homework last night. Adam often forgets to complete his homework.
  • High-scoring for coherence and cohesion: Adam’s roommate was in distress because he didn’t complete his homework last night. This is common for him.

Are the ideas in your essays fully developed?

Low-scoring responses avoid using the required information from the prompt.

High-scoring responses you must satisfy each part of the question.

Did you respond fully to all parts of the task?

Low-scoring responses do not meet the minimum word requirement or exceed the word limit.

High-scoring responses do meet both the minimum word requirement and the requirements presented in the prompt.

Tips for Improvement in Task Achievement and Task Response

If you are not meeting the word requirement, you must identify ways to write faster. There are a few strategies you must apply that can help you do this.

First, cut the time you consume brainstorming before you begin writing. For Task 1, aim for not more than two minutes planning your responses. For Task 2, do not spend much time planning your response.

Do you use collocations and idioms (with accuracy) while writing?

Low-scoring responses contain hardly any idioms or collocations, or if they do, use them with frequent errors.

High-scoring responses must use idioms and collocations properly across a wide range of topics.

Unfortunately, idioms and collocations are one major aspect of learning a foreign language in which there are few timesaving methods. You learn idioms gradually through consistent exposure to a foreign language, as well as persistent communication in that language.

How to Increase IELTS Writing Score: A Final Word

IELTS Writing tasks can be frightening, but the best way to make it less intimidating is to look at it methodically. Each IELTS band descriptor category assesses a particular aspect of your writing; by practicing that aspect, you can upgrade your overall IELTS Writing band score. We are not saying that every aspect is simply to improve. Some, like learning idioms, take less time than others in planning/framing the answer. However, with hard work and putting in some efforts, you can reach the score you need!

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