5 Mind-Blowing Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary for PTE Exam

An extensive vocabulary never goes in vain, may it be for PTE or for daily English. A vocabulary rich speech and essay can have a great impact on the listener as well as the checker(or the computer as in the case of PTE). It is crucial to make a  vocabulary expansion as an integral part of your PTE preparation.

The fact can`t be denied that words are the building blocks of a language. So vocabulary is the key to not just one module but to all the four PTE modules and all the PTE exercises as well. Being ready for PTE requires a lot of preparation, including understanding of the test, knowing the strategies, and practicing. To do well in PTE exam you need to learn new words everyday,work with them and add them to your word bank. This will never abandon your speaking skills as you`ll be using precise words now. While you`re at a listening module there might be some words which you heard in the recording and were already there in the list of your vocabulary so you don`t have to put extra efforts in that case and your day has just been saved. Talking about writing module, a vocabulary rich essay tends to be more lucrative than a basic one.

So it`s not just one benefit of good vocabulary but there are enormous.

Coming to the tips to achieve a good vocabulary:


Everything goes hand in hand, reading, writing, speaking and listening. The more words you read the more words you`ll be exposed to. This also helps in improving fluency while speaking. This process doesn`t have to be boring, you can read about anything of your interest: cooking food, gardening, fashion, emerging technology, travel, archaeology, Bollywood, Hollywood, economics, science, politics etc. You`ll discover new words as you read. Look up for them in dictionary or on the internet. Check its pronunciation. Learn the context in which the word has been used.


Try to learn the context in which the words have been used. Look for the meaning of the word from English to English not from English to Hindi cause otherwise you`ll end up using the word incorrectly. Try to add these new words into your daily speech (if possible). Try to put these words into new sentences inside your mind.


When we hear and see a new word, it becomes part of our passive vocabulary. Passive vocabulary includes words that we can understand but can`t work with. We would like to make these words a part of our active vocabulary. To be able to do this, we need to work with them, use them. One way is to write sentences using these new words in its one or two forms. Or integrate reading with writing by writing short summary of an article you have read using 2 or 3 new words from the article in their various forms.


There`s no need to pressurise or exert yourself. Just try to learn one word in a day. In this way, if you have spent a month practising PTE you`ll be having 30 words in the end to work with. VOILA!

Now you can probably write an impressive essay. Speak fluently because of all the reading you did and can also speak with rich vocabulary.


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