6 Exclusive Tips for IELTS Listening That Are Going to Help You Crack Through This Module

Here are 6 exclusive tips for IELTS listening that are going to help you crack through this module.

1. Read the instructions carefully. Instructions like “answer in no more than three words” have to be followed and you are not supposed to increase the word limit. Try and predict the answer before you listen the audio. Check the maximum number of words allowed. Make sure you know what the task is asking you to do.

2. While you are reading the questions before the audio plays, think of all the possible synonyms of the words given in the questions. Focus on the keywords and underline the keywords in the questions. Predict the synonyms before you start listening.

3. Beware of distracters. Don`t write the first thing that sounds right. Listen to the complete audio before deciding the answers. Sometimes the correct answer comes later.

4. Think about the topic. Think of all the related keywords, so that when you listen to the audio you know exactly at which point the speaker is talking about the same.

5. Do not use abbreviations in IELTS exam. Try to avoid them. For example, if the answer is “30 seconds” then “30s” and “30sec” are not the correct way to write the same answer. Write your answers carefully. If in doubt, write down full words not abbreviations. Check the spelling and grammar when you transfer your answers. Write the word that you hear, do not rephrase it. Use symbol such as decimal points and currency signs.

6. If you miss your answer from the recording and get lost, do not panic. Listen for the keywords, look at the questions. Find your place again. Use your 10 minutes at the end of the exam to-

  • transfer your answers to the answer sheet
  • check your answer
  • attempt any questions that you have missed (or mere guess if necessary )


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