IELTS Preparation Tips – Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing

Each and every applicant takes the IELTS examination with a desire to score the highest band. If you could not clear the examination in the first attempt then learn from your mistakes, just read the points listed below and rectify your mistakes. Please keep in mind that appearing the test over and over won’t make […]

5-Mind Blowing Tips to Improve IELTS/PTE Writing Score

1> Question Analysis: You must first perceive the question to identify exactly what the examiner is searching for. One of the biggest blunder candidates make is they do not understand the question properly. If you do not answer the question accurately, then you can’t manage to score higher than a Band 5. 2> Planning The […]

IELTS Writing Tips That Definitely Increase Your IELTS Score

Do you arrange your ideas properly into paragraphs? Low-scoring responses prove that the writer had some notable problems arranging the ideas into passage logically, or that the writer had difficulty conveying those ideas properly. High-scoring responses show that the ideas are properly arranged in paragraphs, each with a clear major idea and a logical link to the […]

7 Secrets That Improves Your TOEFL Score – TOEFL Exam Tips

What is the TOEFL Test? TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is conducted to check your English linguistic proficiency OR to evaluate the English speaking and understanding ability of a candidate. TOEFL is believed to be an exam which accurately reflects your ability to understand, read, write and speak. and is accepted as proof of English […]