How To Manage Time While Giving PTE Exam? – PTE Exam Tips

In this blog article, we will be telling you “how to manage time while giving the PTE exam”. Indeed, it is one of the essential skills that you need to apply. In short, you need to progress ‘efficiently’ yet ‘accurately’ through the tasks. Some of the tasks like speaking and writing section are individually timed, […]

How to Crack PTE Academic Exam? Tips for Cracking PTE Academic

While preparing for PTE Academic test summarize spoken text is a question which generally confuses students. One must consider that your enabling skills of grammar spelling and vocabulary would be assessed, so one must check the sentence structure tenses and order of the words. 1> One must incorporate confident grammar structure and spell the words […]

How to Score High in PTE Academic Exam? Reading & Writing Tips

PTE Exam –TIPS for Read Aloud Be aware of plurals, grammar rules. Don’t keep mum for more than 3 seconds. Check your tone. Use natural tone. Avoid irregular phrasing and uneven words. Don’t be too fast and too slow. Pronounce the words correctly. PTE Exam –TIPS for Summarize Written Text: A candidate has to answer […]