How To Manage Time While Giving PTE Exam? – PTE Exam Tips

In this blog article, we will be telling you “how to manage time while giving the PTE exam”. Indeed, it is one of the essential skills that you need to apply. In short, you need to progress ‘efficiently’ yet ‘accurately’ through the tasks. Some of the tasks like speaking and writing section are individually timed, in that case, you don’t need to worry.

But while following the Listening and the Reading section you must be aware of how long to spend on each task before clicking NEXT, because it depends up to you to click NEXT.

PTE Time Management

1> PTE Speaking and Writing

In PTE Speaking and writing each of the tasks contain the individual time, so, you do not need to worry. You just need to follow the instructions and watch the clock. Below are the times are given for each of the tasks including preparation time and speaking time.

You must keep this thing in your mind that time does not carry forward means that if you finish your task 2 minutes before the given time then that saved time would not be carry forward to the next task

  1. Read Aloud (speaking)
  • Prepare for between 30-40 seconds
  • Read aloud for between 30-40 seconds

The length of the paragraph determines the length of time you get.

  1. Repeat Sentence (speaking)
  • Listen to the sentence
  • Repeat the sentence

The sentence would be between 3-5 seconds in length and you must repeat it back in the same length of time. Keep in mind that if you pause for longer than 3 seconds your answer will be void.

  1. Describe Image (speaking)
  • Prepare for 25 seconds
  • Describe the image for 40 seconds

Always remember that in speaking task if you have asked to speak for 40 seconds then you must stop at 35 seconds because if you keep speaking at the 40s then your last sentence would chop in half and this may reduce your score.

  1. Retell Lecture (speaking)
  • Listen to the lecture ~90 seconds
  • Prepare for 10 seconds
  • Retell the lecture for 40 seconds
  1. Answer Short Question (speaking)
  • Listen to the question for 3-5 seconds
  • Answer the question in 1-2 seconds

Again, make sure you start answering within 3 seconds or you the task will move on.

  1. Summarize Written Text (writing)
  • 10 minutes to read, prepare, write and edit

Use all of the time because saved time DOES NOT carry over to the other tasks.

  1. Write Essay (writing)
  • 20 minutes to prepare, write and edit

Use all of the time because saved time DOES NOT carry over to the other tasks.

2> PTE Reading

In PTE Reading you are given a ‘total’ time of between 32-41 minutes. During this time you will be given around 15-20 questions.

Put simply, to get through the reading section you should spend the following amount of time:

  1. Multiple choice, single answer: ~ 2 minutes.
  2. Multiple choice, multiple answers: ~3 minutes
  3. Reorder paragraphs: ~ 1 min 30 seconds
  4. Fill in the Blanks: ~ 1 minute
  5. Reading and Writing, fill in the blanks: ~ 3 minutes

3> PTE Listening

In PTE Listening the first task — Summarize Spoken Text —would be for ten minutes. This task is little different than the other six listening tasks.”

For the other 7 tasks, you must manage your own time making sure that you move forward efficiently yet accurately through them. Don’t waste time in PTE Listening because it is essential that you make it to the final task which is called Write from Dictation.

Many candidates get low scores in writing and listening because they did not move quickly through PTE Listening and end up missing some of the Write from Dictation questions.

In PTE Listening task you will get all the answers during the audio section or right after the audio. Therefore, you must not waste time ‘looking’ at the answers. If you listened carefully and took notes then you can match your notes (and your memory) to the correct answer option in just a few seconds. key In the listening section is to take notes and then answering the questions.

  1. Summarize Spoken Text
  • You are given 10 minutes to listen to the lecture, take notes, write and edit your summary

Use all of the time because saved time DOES NOT carry forward to the other tasks.

For the rest of the Listening tasks you must:

  • Listen
  • (Take notes)
  • Select the answer(s)
  • Click NEXT

Ultimately, it depends on methods and practice. Once you learn the techniques you then need to practice them effectively. You’ll realize that you will get quicker once you learn how to apply those learned techniques to complete each task.

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