How to Score High in Each Module of PTE Exam? Understand Your Test Score

A number of PTE aspirants are not able to clear through the test because they fail to understand the scoring pattern of the examination. This majorly concerns the Permanent Residence applicants as they need a high score to clear through the test. We are well aware of the overall scoring which is rewarded to each section- Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening and an overall aggregate score for the test.

Along with these modules, scores are awarded on the basis of enabling skills whereby the parameters are Grammar, Oral fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary and written discourse. These skill sets are also a part of the assessment and total scores awarded to a candidate are extracted from the above mentioned modules.


This requires a candidate to use the correct form of language along with a wide range of structure with flexibility and also to produce error- free sentences.


The candidate needs to show easy to comprehend spoken competence along with the correct usage of stress in a sentence or word. The easier to understand for native speakers is the pronunciation, more appropriate it is considered. A person may have regional or global influence while practising speech.


This means a smooth rhythm of phrasing where there are no hesitations or repetitions. The speech should be effortless.


A person needs to spell the words in the language rules. The variations of the language according to the national entity is accepted as correct. For instance, colour or color either is taken as accurate.


The test taker should be able to use a wide range of lexical resource with ease and flexibility during speech practice or written assessment. A person should also be able to paraphrase effortlessly.


The text produced must be communicative and efficient in textual concerns. Also, the coherence of the content, the structure of the written text and the usage of linguistic range is critical during assessment.

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