How to Score High in PTE Academic Exam? Reading & Writing Tips

PTE Exam –TIPS for Read Aloud

  1. Be aware of plurals, grammar rules.
  2. Don’t keep mum for more than 3 seconds.
  3. Check your tone.
  4. Use natural tone.
  5. Avoid irregular phrasing and uneven words.
  6. Don’t be too fast and too slow.
  7. Pronounce the words correctly.

PTE Exam –TIPS for Summarize Written Text:

A candidate has to answer 2-3 questions on summarizing the text. A candidate is given 10 minutes each.

  • Write the summary in only 30 words.
  • Try and use only one full stop at the end of the sentence.
  • Always use the capital words for nouns and names.
  • Make sure you use the correct spellings and pronunciations.
  • Focus on repeated words and topic sentences.
  • Always write the summary in 3rd person don’t use I, We, etc.
  • Manage time as -3min-Planning 5 min writing 2 minutes for checking the mistakes.


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