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PTE Scoring Pattern in Speaking

The scoring pattern in the PTE test is completely software based. Scores for a few question types is based solely on the level of correctness while others hinge on the quality of response. There also is a pattern of partial scoring in the test. Following is the pattern of scoring in the PTE speaking module.


this question type scores the enabling skills and the quality of response according tp the length of the task prompt. Replacement of words, omission or insertion are errors for the assessment.


the maximum score rewarded to this question type is 3 which means all the words from the prompt are aptly practiced in speech in a correct sequence. 2 is rewarded to a test who records more than 50% of the prompt. 1 is rewarded to a person who records less than 50% from the question.


The maximum score awarded is 5 wherein the test taker describes all the key elements of the image with a competent development and inference. 1 is rewarded to a person who briefly describes the image with no specifications. Pronunciation and oral fluency are also critical assessment parameters.


The maximum score is 5 for this question type. 5 indicates that the candidate has successfully represented and explained the main topic along with its explanation ideas, relationships, development and a possible conclusion. Being scored 1 would mean that the person has only described the basic element with no relationship or development or a concluding statement.


This question is solely given a score on the basis of correctness. Each appropriate response is rewarded 1 and an incorrect answer gets a 0.

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