How to Speak Fluently Without Spending Time in Processing Your Thoughts?

Ever wondered why the correct words don`t come out of your mouth while speaking in English?

Ever wondered where do you lack when a peer or friend of yours can speak better english than you just in right time but you always seem to run out of words?

WELL!  let me break the secret code to you all.

There`s a thing called word bank. Yes, a bank full of words in our minds.

Some may have a large word bank and some might have small set words in their minds, that`s the difference between you and a person who is more intellectual.

So how exactly can one add more words to his/her word bank???

The answer is very simple.

-by listening more english and using newly learned words often, until you become well acquainted with them.



1> Listen more

Try to watch english videos and shows. You can even find the new words from a book if you prefer reading over listening. Mark the new words or pen them down somewhere for the time being.

2> Try to work with new words in your head

You can think of various sentences where these new words would fit. Try to work with them using a pen and paper (if you have time) or you can work with them in your mind all day long (saves time and efforts).

3> Try to use them in your daily routine

Once you`ve worked with these words try to include them in your spoken from time to time. This is how you can improve your essay writing skills as well. And well, you`ll always have the right words to speak with a humongous amount of words in your word bank.

VOILA! You`re good to go now.

And if you need someone to help you with the same you can always show up at our door.

We`re always happy to assist you.


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