IELTS Tips & Tricks : Score 7+ Bands in IELTS exam With These Tips

You might come across a plethora of tips and tricks when it comes to IELTS but one might always claim “i know all those but they aren`t helping”. Well this isn`t true. Tips are meant to be helpful. Maybe you need different approach. In this blog I will discuss a few more strategies that are really going to make a difference.


  • There are 5 types of writing tasks (advantage/disadvantage, agree/disagree, causes/effects, problems/solutions, discussion-negatives/ positives). Always focus on both sides of the question. Never take sides.
  • Focus on four parameters on the basis of which checking is done viz. Task, structure, vocabulary and grammar.
  • Appropriate style to right is mandatory i.e. use formal and informal language in formal and informal letters respectively.
  • Focus on the task given in the heading. Follow all the clues you`re asked to cover.
  • Keep in mind that the language and writing capabilities are assessed in writing section not the idea.


  • Time management is very important because the first section is shorter than the last section, which is the lengthiest. You need to save yourself enough time.
  • Save yourself some time to revisit your answers and check them.
  • Always read the questions first and then read the text.
  • Don`t leave any fill in the blanks unanswered even if you are not sure of the answer as there is no negative marking.


  • Read the questions first and try to predict an answer in your mind. This will help you grab the answer from the recording easily.
  • Don`t pay attention to spellings while you`re writing the answer, you can correct them later.
  • Always try to maintain a pace with the audio because if you lose that then it is going to be very hard for you to catch up again.
  • To avoid punctuation mistakes try to write answers of listening section in capital letters.


  • Make sure to answwer all the questions of the examiner. Even if you don`t know about it, try to talk.
  • Do not stop talking. Your fluency score will get higher and you can get a good score in your overall speaking.
  • In Section 2, try to talk for atleast 2 minutes.
  • Don`t go off the topic.
  • Try to replace common words like beautiful and important with magnificent and cardinal respectively.

That`s it. Hope you do well. All the best for your exam.


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