If You Are A Nurse, Then These Tips Would Certainly Help You Get A Better Grade

OET Speaking for Nurses

The speaking in the occupational English test enables a medical practitioner to be able to take up proficiency test in the English language which is specific and related to their profession and has direct relevance to the kind of day-to-day conversations these professionals may hold with their patients. It has been the most preferred test type for nurses and the probability to crack through the exam increases manifolds.  The said examination helps students to apply for educational and visa purposes.

Speaking happens to be a physical test where the candidate needs to role play with the invigilator. There shall be real life instances on which the speaking role play will be based upon.  Also, the invigilator plays no role in the assessment of a candidate’s score. The students who are  aware of the assessment parameters are able to score better. Following account to the fundamental elements of assessment.

  • Lucidity- this includes clarity of speech in terms of pronunciation, accent and intonation
  • Suitable language skills- this includes appropriateness and accuracy of language and also the tone which is suitable for practising speech to the patient or the person in conversation.
  • Grammatical accuracy and range- being able to show a range of grammatical structures along with paraphrasing from the question asked when needed.
  • Fluency- this includes rate and flow of speech
  • Connect building- it’s imperative to be able to build up a conversation in an attentive and engaging manner. It is important that a candidate shows a sense of empathy and relativity while being engaged in the role play.
  • Gathering information- it is important to be able to gather the information from the clues and the sort of questions asked by the invigilator during the role play.


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