Ready to Score 79+ in PTE? Here Is The Cheat Sheet

Enabling skills need to be carefully understood for a person to be able to comprehend his performance in the productive skills of Speaking and Writing abilities. The enabling skills are Grammar, Oral fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary and Written discourse. The score range is from 10- 90 points depending upon the performance of an individual in question types that require such skill sets.

GRAMMAR- There needs to be competence in the correct usage of language in respect to sentence formation and word order.

PRONUNCIATION- being able to produce speech that is well understandable to the regular speakers of the language is the primary factor. A regional or national dialect holds acceptability if it is comprehensible.

ORAL FLUENCY- The candidate needs to exercise an effortless, smooth and natural paced delivery of articulation.

SPELLING- following a spelling rule is also significant. The national variations of spellings are considered correct but the frame needs to maintain the convention of the spelling one is following in order to bring about a certain level of consistency.

VOCABULARY- The choice of words that depict a certain level of lexical range and resource is also an essential concern. A wide range that is able to convey the meaning skilfully is the required dexterity.

WRITTEN DISCOURSE- this requires a communicatively efficient production of written language in textual concern. It is an enabling skill set for a number of question types which requires logical approach, coherent development and a range of linguistic expertise being used to precisely express meaning.

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