Score 8+ Bands With These 5 Writing Tips

1> Accurate use of connectives: It indicates that although you know some idioms and phrases misusing them. Examiner wants to see your language skills. So one must incorporate appropriate and meaningful connectors like moreover, in spite of, on the other hand rather than using idioms and phrases often.

2> Appropriate choice of words: Your wise choice of words reflects your fluency and articulation. Don’t repeat words; instead, use synonyms and antonyms to express ideas.

3> Complex sentences: One must use gerund conditionals and passive sentence structure quite often. Restricting yourself in using short sentences would raise your band score.

4> Cohesive devices: Extensive use of cohesive or linking words like in other words, after all, on the other hand, would help you to score right bands.

5> Length of the answer: This means that you are supposed to write more than the minimum words required to get the targeted band score. Don’t confine yourself to the minimum word limit.


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