Strategies for PTE Listening – Score High With Next World Education

This module assesses a person’s ability to comprehend academic Spoken English in varied accents.

Summarize Spoken text

The test taker needs to take down notes as the audio starts using key words, abbreviations or symbols. The shorter the notes, the more you grab. Use the points to plan your response. The ideal answer needs to contain the topic, the main idea, the elaboration of the major facts being mentioned and an inference.

Multiple choice- choose multiple responses

The candidate should read the question and skim for options before the audio starts. Having recognized the question, a person should make notes according to the type of question asked. Beware of the negative marking. Do not mark a third response if you are not sure.

Fill in the blanks

The test taker should skim the text to attain a general idea. Listen to the recording intently while moving the cursor over as the words flow. This will help you to stay in sync of where the recording is.

Highlight correct summary

Before the audio starts, skim through the four possible summaries to get an idea about the topic of the audio. Make notes for the key words mentioned in the audio. The option which contains the majority of your points is the summary to the spoken excerpt.

Multiple choice- choose single answer

A person taking the exam must skim through the question and options and find the key word in the question. While the audio plays, look for the answer to the the question by locating key words or a synonymous word.

Select the missing word

The incomplete sentence will help the candidate understand the topic of the question. Skim through the possible options. One needs to assess what flow of the audio has tread like.

Highlight incorrect words

As the audio begins, flow your cursor along the speaker’s voice. Do not stop to ponder. Keep the cursor moving with the voice until the end of the audio.

Write from dictation

One needs to try making notes of the first letter of each word to get the current sequence of the sentence without missing out on any word.

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