Strategies for PTE Reading – 4 Mind Blowing Tips to Score High in PTE Exam

The Reading module assesses the candidate’s propensity to understand written Academic English and being able to answer questions based on that. The question texts are based on Academic subjects like social sciences, natural science or humanities.

1> Multiple Choice- Choose Single Answer :

The candidate should read the question before the passage to draw out an inference as to what the question demands the entrant to look out for in the passage. Next, he should skim the text to look for specific piece of information. Look for a keyword in the question to find out in the passage. Once found, read for relevance. Always remember that you may find the synonyms of the keywords in the question, not the words themselves.

2> Multiple Choice- Choose Multiple Answers :

Read the question to have an overall idea of what is being asked. Then read the options and locate them in the passage using the relative keyword. Read the located parts for relevance. A test taker must try to guess the meaning of important key words to comprehend the fundamental meaning of a certain text. Spending too much time on trying to find out the correct answer shall be a wrong move. Always remember, you have a very limited time in hand.

3> Re-Order Paragraphs :

The candidate needs to skim through the given paragraphs and look for a ‘stand-alone’ sentence among them which means a kind of sentence that should not have a sentence before it in this particular context. Next, look for linking idea. There is always an introductory idea in the first sentence which is taken forward through the second. The third, generally uses a connector to bridge the first two and upcoming ideas in the precision of event formation.

4.> Fill in the Blanks- Drag and Place :

Skim through a sentence to get an idea about the sentence and what is it trying to convey. Identify the expressed idea then look for options that should make sense to complete the sentence logically and grammatically.

5> Fill in the Blanks- Choose from Options :

Give the text a quick read to get the idea about a certain sentence. Also, look for grammar sense of a sentence to predict what sort of a word is needed to fill in the sentence i.e. if it requires a noun, a future tense or an adjective.

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