Strategies for PTE Writing – Essay Writing & Summarise the Written Text

The PTE writing test includes two question types each of which requires a write up. This module assesses test-taker’s ability to produce written text in an academic manner.

Summarize the Written Text

This question type gauges the reading and writing skills.

A candidate may need to answer 2-3 of such questions. It is important for a candidate to read through the passage. He needs to skim through the topic, fundamental idea and concluding statements. He should then make short hand notes using arrows and key words and needs to designate how ideas are connected. A constructive note-taking would ensure a better summary.

The student needs to make use of grammatical structures to establish that his response comes out only in one complete sentence.

Tested skill set: Being able to write a summary, making use of such strict adherence to a sentence frame, amalgamate information and reading ability.

Essay Writing

This question evaluates the ability to write extensively.

In the essay writing, the test taker must look for keywords that help him identify the topic at length and then the question itself to analyze the aspect of question being asked. One needs to plan before they start writing. The planning must include the points the candidate thinks he should add in the essay. The opinions expressed in the essay do not matter if they are presented clearly. The essay needs to be well organized and there needs to be a change in paragraph with the change in thought. Its critical to check the text once written for spellings and grammar.

Tested skill set: being able to write for a purpose, supporting opinions with details, using examples and explanation, developing complex ideas, using phrases, correct usage of structure and grammar, spellings, logical paragraphing and writing under timed conditions.


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