Strategies for PTE Reading – 4 Mind Blowing Tips to Score High in PTE Exam

The Reading module assesses the candidate’s propensity to understand written Academic English and being able to answer questions based on that. The question texts are based on Academic subjects like social sciences, natural science or humanities. 1> Multiple Choice- Choose Single Answer : The candidate should read the question before the passage to draw out […]


Are you stunned with the results of your speaking module and wondering that how do you manage to score well in Reading, Writing and Listening, but there exist baffling issues with scoring good in the Speaking module. Don’t worry! You’re not alone. Are you wondering why? You use English quite well, write all day in […]

Want to Score High in PTE Exam? Follow these PTE Preparation Tips

1> A candidate must note the total time available in the speaking test and he/she can take the maximum time during the “read-aloud question“. 2> While summarizing the text, one must read each paragraph and note the important keywords. Upon joining the notes, he/she would make a complete sensible sentence. 3> While doing MCQ with […]