Ready to Score 79+ in PTE? Here Is The Cheat Sheet

Enabling skills need to be carefully understood for a person to be able to comprehend his performance in the productive skills of Speaking and Writing abilities. The enabling skills are Grammar, Oral fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary and Written discourse. The score range is from 10- 90 points depending upon the performance of an individual in […]

How to Score High in PTE Speaking? – Next World Education

PTE Scoring Pattern in Speaking The scoring pattern in the PTE test is completely software based. Scores for a few question types is based solely on the level of correctness while others hinge on the quality of response. There also is a pattern of partial scoring in the test. Following is the pattern of scoring […]

Strategies for PTE Listening – Score High With Next World Education

This module assesses a person’s ability to comprehend academic Spoken English in varied accents. Summarize Spoken text– The test taker needs to take down notes as the audio starts using key words, abbreviations or symbols. The shorter the notes, the more you grab. Use the points to plan your response. The ideal answer needs to […]