US F1 Study Visa Interview Questions 2018 – Tips to Get Visa Successfully

USA F1 Study Visa Interview Questions

US F1 Visa – This visa is applicable for that international student who aspires to study in the USA However, it is not that easy to get the visa approval from the USA. Studying in the USA might be a dream of many but an awful lot of times the visa is denied by the concerned authority.

F1 visa is rejected when you can’t prove sufficient finance during your stay in the USA, your documents are not in place, Background check fail, chose a random university, if you intend to live in the USA etc. but the most crucial factor that impacts approval of  your visa application is your interview round with the officials. Even if you meet the acceptance criteria in documents and during the interview, you couldn’t justify it, your visa application may get rejected

Don’t lose hope! Keep trying and applying for the visa. There have been times when applied the second time the visa application is approved.  To obtain this visa you need proper preparation for the interview. Visa interview is undoubtedly the most significant part of the visa application process.

Before you appear for the interview here are few tips:

  • Prepare your documents-documents should be in place
  • You must go through the Admission Essay, the list of Universities and courses you had applied to
  • Revise the course you have enrolled for, the credit systems, the duration, the faculty and highlights of the course.
  • Read up about the state you would be visiting, about the University’s history and the nearby location
  • Check Financial Documents to explain how you would support your education in the USA

Below are a few questions that you can expect during the interview:

  1. How many universities did you apply to?
  2. Name of the university you applied have at?
  3. Why the USA? Why not your own country?
  4. Why this_____ university?
  5. What is your GPA percentage?
  6. Have you been to the U.S. before?
  7. What are your plans after graduation?
  8. Did you get any scholarships?
  9. How will you finance your studies?
  10. Do you have any relatives in the USA?
  11. if you have taken loan how have you planned to repay it?
  12. Where is your university located at?
  13. How have you planned to meet expenses in the USA?
  14. Plans after graduation?
  15. How good are your English and your test score?

Most of the question revolves around your university, study plans, academic capability, financial status and your intent to study in the USA. The key is, to be honest, calm, confident, be well prepared and answer all the questions. Next World Immigration wishes you all the best

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