Useful Things To Remember While Appearing for IELTS Speaking Test

Speaking is a physical examination in the IELTS test whether you appear for a pen and paper based exam or the computer one. What one needs to know is what to do during the test and how shall the same be assessed so that you can prepare yourself accordingly. One primary factor one needs to know is that the invigilator is not rewarding you scores directly. Your examination is audio recorded( In India) so that the examiner could score you accordingly. The key concern here is that when a student tries to keep an eye contact, especially during the Cue- Card round, he is not able to keep an eye on the clues or notes that he made. So, a student may chose to not make an eye contact during the cue card round.

Parameters of assessment

There are mainly four major criterion.

1. A person needs to elucidate a fair sense of pronunciation.

2. Needs to logical plan and produce your responses

3. One needs to also display grammatical accuracy along with a range

4. Being able to achieve the task as per the question is also a critical factor.


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