Want to Score High in PTE Speaking Section?- 5 Strategies for PTE Speaking Test

The PTE speaking test assesses a candidate’s ability to elucidate spoken English skills in an academic environment through five different question types.

1> Read aloud

This assesses a test taker’s ability to read and speak along with the usage of correct pronunciation and intonation. A candidate gets enough time span of 35 seconds before the recording in which he may skim and scan through the written excerpt and read for any words which may be obscure to pronounce. Maintaining a natural tone is imperative. One should also follow stress and syllable as it flows.

2> Repeat sentences

This sort of question requires listening and speaking as a major skill-set. Focus is a crucial strategy to use. Copying intonation wouldn’t be a wrong thing to do. Do not mumble. The computer may not be able to recognize your words.

3> Describe Image 

This assesses the speaking abilities at length. The candidate needs to identify the major features or a scope of comparison if any. Do not take only figures into consideration. Take use of phrases to describe quantity, comparison and trends. If there is more than one diagram, it is critical to talk about the comparison. The aspirant should try to end the response with a comment or conclusion.

4> Re-tell lecture-

This task type assesses both listening and speaking skills. A few times an image is provided to help the candidate understand the gist of the lecture. It is of prime importance to take down notes to be able to use them while speaking. While doing so, it is vital to take short hand, use abbreviations, key words and congregate chief ideas only. This question type assesses ability to present main ideas, logical representation, and being able to develop complex ideas using your oral speech.

5> Answer short questions

This question evaluates a student’s ability to listen and speak promptly. The topic of questions are usually based on general knowledge which you should have answers to. If a candidate made a mistake, he must correct himself. If the correct answer was given well in time, it will be considered.

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