Why Medical Practitioners Should Choose OET over IELTS?

A number of people today take up the IELTS exam and are not able to clear the test in the first attempt or radically, a number of times. This has been significantly true for medical practitioners. As the professions like nurses or Doctors need a high band score that too in the academic cadre to be able to take up employment opportunities in a country like Australia. A number of times, these professionals drop their plans to settle abroad only because they are not able to clear the test even after a number of attempts.

OET can be a resort for all such medical professionals. They can take up this examination which is specific to their own professional interest. It enables them to be able to comprehend the test better. According to the type of health care professional, there are 12 sorts of tests which are designed for nurses, general doctors, dentists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, optometrists, podiatrists,vets, speech pathologists, dietitians, physiotherapists and radiographers The topics are based upon their related field of medical expertise.

OET Listening :

It is based upon the comprehension skills of the candidate about conversations between the patient and the medical practitioner or a among medical manuals.

OET Reading :

Reading is generally about health care concerns and the candidate needs to understand types of text on health-related concerns.

OET Writing :

The candidate needs to read and write effectively. Being able to expand notes and write constructively according to their profession and the question asked.

OET Speaking :

This module requires a professional to describe real life matters along with a structural analysis and communicate accurately.


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